Used Air Compressors

Used Air Compressor Benefits

There are several advantages to choosing a used air compressor. For example, it’s very cost-effective and allows your business to continue operating as normal when you don’t have the budget for a more expensive new system. In comparison to other used items, air compressors are built to last. If well maintained, they can function optimally for years. Some systems, such as reciprocating compressors, have a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years, providing reliable performance long after being brand new. 

Another benefit of purchasing used air compressors is that the value doesn’t immediately depreciate. This type of equipment can be incredibly expensive when new, and as with any new machinery, after it’s purchased and used, its value decreases. When you purchase a used air compressor, someone else has already experienced this depreciation, allowing you to enjoy the benefits. 

When you purchase your used equipment from a trusted source like Compressed Air Systems, you can get machines that have been expertly maintained and refurbished. In many situations, it’s possible to find a used air compressor that has been refurbished with new components, providing a longer-lasting and more efficient performance. At Compressed Air Systems, our experts can help you find the best solution for your budget and needs.


When deciding whether to purchase a used air compressor, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. Determining your budget, which type of compressor is best for your application, your intended usage, and pressure needs are important details. When helping our customers find the best solution, we discuss the following questions:

  • Where will your air compressor go? If your work is done in one location, a stationary air compressor can be a good choice. However, many industrial-grade compressors are heavy and not easily moved. If you plan on having to move your unit to different job sites, choosing a portable machine featuring wheels and handles is important.
  • Are you concerned about noise? Certain types of air compressors can be incredibly loud. Oil-free compressors, for example, are often mobile and versatile but generate lots of noise. If this is something not suitable for your work environment, there are other units you can consider, such as oil-lubricated compressors, which tend to be quieter.
  • How much compressed air do you require? Depending on the equipment you use your air compressor with, a larger tank might be a requirement. Large tanks provide higher pressure and are a reliable source for large amounts of air. However, they’re more expensive and less portable. Smaller tanks are best suited for lighter jobs and have the added benefit of being highly portable. 

Compressed Air Systems: Your Trusted Source for Used Air Compressors

Air compressors are sturdy, heavy-duty equipment designed to provide years of service. If you need a dependable air compressor but have budget concerns, purchasing a used machine is an excellent option. At Compressed Air Systems, we understand how vital air compressors are for so many industries, which is why we work hard to quickly deliver reliable machines.

Our experts can help you determine the best type of air compressor for your usage and supply you with a well-maintained unit from our broad selection. To learn more about the used air compressors we have available contact us or request a quote today.

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